Shopify dealers can new sell through Pinterest

Shopify dealers can new sell through Pinterest

Pinterest is working day by day to become the main destination of online shoppers thanks to a collaboration with Shopify. Through the new app, shoppers on the Shopify platform can upload their catalogs to Pinterest and turn products into “pins” from which you can buy with a few clicks.

The Pinterest app on Shopify features several features such as tagging, automatic inventory updates, and an ad purchase interface. It automatically creates the link between the individual store and the Pinterest account so that sellers do not need to edit the code or add extra resources.

Above all Pinterest is free service and the big brand can get organic extension without spending money. Of course a paid option exists for sellers to advertise their pin as a paid ad. But buyers on Pinterest are much after organic results and prefer to find for themselves what they are looking for, instead of getting it directly through an ad.

The Pinterest app is available to retailers from today in the US and Canada as it expands to other parts of the world such as Australia, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain in the coming weeks.

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