OnePlus 8 Pro ‘s color filter camera can see through clothes and objects

OnePlus 8 Pro Camera
OnePlus 8 Pro 's color filter camera can see through clothes and objects

No, they are not X-rays, but they are cool

Many OnePlus 8 Pro users have reported that through the Color Filter camera they can see through clothes and thin plastic surfaces. If you select the Photochrom filter in the menu and turn the camera on a surface like black t-shirts or a remote control, you can see everything below it. Keep in mind that objects must be thin.

The first to publish this was Ben Geskin and then Unbox Therapy created a viral video that you can watch below.

But how does OnePlus 8 Pro manage to see through these surfaces? It is not about X-rays, although many titles are formulated that way. In fact, the phone has an infrared sensor. Infrared rays are located immediately after visible light in the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation and are completely invisible to the human eye. This radiation is used by night binoculars and thermal cameras. Infrared rays can penetrate through some materials. For example, firefighters use them to see through smoke.

OnePlus 8 Pro engineers have managed to add this filter to the phone so that the camera displays some aspects of objects that we cannot see with the naked eye. There are other cameras that can do this, such as the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera with the right programming.

However, this feature also brings concerns about privacy, especially when it comes to the fact that the camera allows you to see through objects. A similar incident occurred with Sony in 1990. OnePlus has not yet spoken about the situation.

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