Here are the adjustments brought with the new patch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare and Warzone Patch
Here are the adjustments brought with the new patch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone

More changes are also expected for using vehicles

The latest updates from Infinity Ward for Call of Duty include improvements to Modern Warfare and Warzone on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Although we do not have radical changes, in general the changes fix problems encountered before.

Adjustments have been made to all the “smoke” challenges in Warzone, to tolerance, referring to Ground War Infected, adjustments to weapon damage, and more. There are also changes to .357 caliber weapons, Snake Shot, and shooting delay.

  • Adjustment of smoke challenges to be more tolerant. Include the challenge of freeing Bruen MK9.
  • Prevention of vehicle abuse.
  • Adjustments for various abuses including Ground War Infected.
  • Battles: adjustments for some cases where players were not able to join in a new game.
  • Reduction of fire delay for Lightweight and Match Grade targets in all calibers .357
  • Damage from .357 Rebalanced Snake Shot.
  • A bug is fixed where the damage from the .357 Snake Shot was too high from long-range shots.

Changes are also expected for using vehicles. Helicopters from Warzone will also be removed this week. This is because the players used the tool to get stuck on the map and get free killings in Verdansk and Gulag.

Among other things, Activision stated that 60 million players have joined Warzone since its launch on March 10. The company, fortunately, confirms that while the next Call of Duty is still within forecasts within this year, Warzone will continue to have support in the future.

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