OnePlus 8T arrives on October 14, there will be no OnePlus 8T Pro

OnePlus 8T

OnePlus 8T will succeed OnePlus Nord, a $500 phone that many have called the OnePlus return in the mid-range segment 

Since 2016, OnePlus followed all the flagships of the year with new “T” models at the end of the year. The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro were introduced in April last year and the company is either preparing for an OnePlus 8T model.

The company said today that the new model will be officially unveiled at an online event on October 14th. The phone according to the company will come with new and improved tech. The OnePlus 8T will succeed the OnePlus Nord, a $500 phone that many have called the return in the mid-range of OnePlus.

Last year the OnePlus 7T had an extra camera and 90Hz display compared to the OnePlus 7 model. According to speculation, the OnePlus 8T will have a 120Hz display compared to 90Hz on the OnePlus 8. The battery will be slightly larger from 4,300 to 4,500 mAh but can be charged with 65W technology instead of 30W.

Last year OnePlus introduced the T variant for the Pro model as well, while this year there will most likely not be an OnePlus 8T Pro model.

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