The The Last of Us II trailer gives us a female protagonist

Last of Us II traile
The The Last of Us II trailer gives us a female protagonist

Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment released the new trailer for The Last of Us Part II

It focuses more on the story than the gameplay of the game so we try to figure out what we mean by it.

Joel and his daughter Ellie are in focus again, a few years later, which is reflected in the girl’s growth. What is not clear is the line of events as the trailer consists of separate episodes from each other, where Joel is more in the shadows while Ellie is furious in search of revenge.

Which leads us to last month’s leak, which predicted Joel’s murder by another character named Abby, an event that justifies Ellie’s bloody transformation. Together with her uncle Tommy, the already protagonist girl releases all the cruelty and resentment over other survivors who took her father’s life for reasons still unclear.

Thus giving us a female protagonist, and another activity besides the massacre of zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.

However, some things are also understood for gameplay, such as the more open ends for mission solutions, and the world also seems more open. Ellie’s anger is what draws the whole action, and while her reasons are unknown, some new dynamics are clear. Like her violence at even higher and more varied levels in execution, such as the scene where she is shooting from the back of a car.

The Last of Us Part II will be released on May 29, 2020, a pretty talked about the period for many events in the gaming world for both Xbox and PlayStation.

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