Fortnite banned from Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store

Fortnite Ban
Fortnite banned from the Apple's App Store and Google Play Store

One of the most popular games in the world today, Fortnite, was banned from the Android and iOS app stores, specifically Play Store and Apple, on Thursday

Fortnite’s ban came after the game developer through an update implemented its in-app purchases payment system bypassing both platform systems. It was Apple that pulled out the game first from its App Store while Epic responded with a lawsuit. Google did the same, which was also sued by Epic.

Like Apple, Google requires games to use the Google Play payment system for in-app purchases. Although the rules are less strict on Google Play when it comes to games, Google does not tolerate it at all.

Google’s system receives 30% of the transaction, as does Apple. However, you can still proceed with the installation of Fortnite on Android via the website or even through the Galaxy Store on Samsung devices.

On iPhone and iPad it is impossible to install the game at the moment while it is out from the App Store. There have been other clashes with Google Epic in the past. In August 2018 the company pulled Fortnite from the Google Play Store offering it directly through Android. This is possible because Google allows installation from third-party sources. 18 months later Epic was surrendered and restored back Fortnite to the Google Play Store but not without fuss following criticism towards the search engine.

The lawsuit against Apple states that the company operates as a monopoly through the App Store.

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