New Instagram options for those who have a high number of followers

New Instagram options for those who have a high number of followers

Instagram has started testing some new features today and some of them decided to bring it to the platform to make the platform a more positive place. The company said that as of today, users have the option to delete up to 25 comments at a time and block or restrict certain accounts.

According to the company, these options have been tested and well received by users. Instagram will also give people more control over who can tag or quote them in a post.

People can choose if they want everyone to label them, just friends or no one. These are tags in comments, Instagram stories, or headlines. The option is hidden under the privacy category in the application configuration.

All of these options are especially useful for those who have a high number of followers who can be targeted by ordinary users. Regarding the bullying on the Instagram platform, he said that he had eliminated 1.5 million pieces of content during the first three months of 2020.

Preventing bullying on the platform has been the main objective of Instagram and for this it has made available a host of new options along with the use of artificial intelligence to filter out offensive comments.

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