Facebook buys Giphy to integrate it into Instagram

Facebook buys Giphy to integrate it into Instagram

Among the online ways we react to each other GIFs are the most spicy. You can create them yourself from online materials or even from your camera, or you can search them in ready-made bookstores like Giphy.

The social network Facebook will buy the very popular website for creating and distributing GIF images for a price of $400 million and has planned to integrate its massive bookstore into Facebook applications including Instagram. The news was made public by Axios, who also revealed the value of the agreement.

Giphy, a platform dedicated exclusively to storing and distributing GIFs in the freest and most non-advertising way possible, will become part of the world of a giant that relies heavily on them alone: ​​Facebook.

This is the second time the company has been offered to buy Giphyn, which in 2015 refused to give the shutter keys and decided to rely on collaborations with other applications. While Alphabet, Google’s parent company, decided to buy the GIF Tenor platform, which overturned the healthy competition created by Giphy until then.

Facebook is coming to raise Giphyn but also to exploit it, as the collection will become part of Instagram. Will we comment with GIFs on Insta? Hard to happen considering the latter’s puritanical aesthetics.

However Facebook has stated that Giphy will continue to function as traditionally, collaborating with other apps. The main question remains whether Giphy will already be subject to Facebook’s wild ads and ad-tracking regime.

According to Facebook, 50% of Giphy’s traffic comes from social networking apps and a half from Instagram alone.  At the moment everything will remain the same for Giphy users. Many services rely on the company’s library for GIF images such as Twitter, Pinterest, Slack, Reddit, etc.

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