Apple has started selling a Thunderbolt 3 Pro cable for €149

Apple Thunderbolt 3 Pro
Apple has started selling a Thunderbolt 3 Pro cable for €149

Apple has started selling a cable in its online store, which has caused various reactions online, mainly for its price. A €149 Thunderbolt 3 Pro two-meter cable may sound extremely expensive, but Apple backs up its price as it is one of the few Thunderbolt 3 certified cables that support DisplayPort video, 100W charging, 10 GBps USB-C 3.1 connection and speed of second-generation transfer up to 40Gbps. So it may be the cheapest that contains all the features above.

Note that the cable has chips at each end. Apple says it’s the perfect cable if you want to connect your Thunderbolt 3 Mac to devices like ProDisplay XDR. In fact, the ProDisplay XDR screen comes with this cable in the package, simply Apple has not offered it separately so far.

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