Why big companies are boycotting Facebook

Why big companies are boycotting Facebook
Why big companies are boycotting Facebook

We are talking about Facebook and the #StopHateForProfit initiative

It started as a criticism of its employees for not reacting and today it has taken on the dimensions of a serious boycott which is costing the company billions of dollars. We are talking about Facebook and the #StopHateForProfit initiative (quite a benefit from hatred). 

Some time ago, FB, unlike other platforms, decided not to react to President Trump‘s statements calling for violence. If these statements had been made by someone else they would have fallen into the “hate speech” category which would have caused consequences for the user from signaling to blocking.

To this misdemeanor is added the policy, already pointed out, for the way Facebook manages its ads. Which often appear alongside the profiles of White Supremacy members, or racist content and hate speech.

Facebook can no longer ignore this concern as one after another large companies are refusing to advertise on this platform anymore. Given this situation of solidarity, fueled by numerous protests and calls for equality, companies have their ears and eyes open to be on the side of the people and not the government. North Face, Patagonia, Coca-Cola, Honda Hershey’s, Starbucks, Upwork, and most recently the two giants Unilever and Verizon are just some of the names who publicly boycott the advertising service from the Facebook Inc. network.

Just this Friday a significant drop was recorded for Zuckerberg which became $7.2 billion poorer. The shares of the company saw a decline of 8.3%. It remains to be seen how much the CEO of the company, which is run without a board, will reflect, but at the top of it is Mark himself and his decisions.

After all, only Unilever and Verizon have a significant impact as they are among the top 100 users of FB services. A service he finds nowhere else, unfortunately. So if we’re really going to see a change, other names need to be added to the list.

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