An American startup wants to turn any home window into a solar panel

home window into a solar panel
An American startup wants to turn any home window into a solar panelc

The renewable energy industry has marked a boom in the US and is expected to surpass the coal by 2021

What if every window in your home will generate electricity? A California startup has asked this question before and now believes it has the technology to revolutionize the way solar energy is used.

Ubiquitous Energy has developed a transparent solar panel that converts sunlight into energy without the need for those bright panels we are used to seeing.

The company, released by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012, hopes to turn every window into a solar panel. It can be applied to skyscrapers, automobiles, and even in the iPhones screens.

Although there are other companies working in this direction, technology is in its infancy. The solar panel has an organic coating which allows the passage of light rays to capture only infrared rays which are not visible to the naked eye.

The company says the solution they currently offer is complementary to traditional panels and still far from their full replacement.

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